Expert Advice

image Our Medical Director is Dr David Shackleton, who provides advice and medical services directly to our clients as well as support for our occupational health advisers.

Dr Shackleton is an accredited specialist in occupational medicine and a Member of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine ( MFOM ). He has experience as a HSE medical inspector and in senior appointments in the chemicals, engineering, food, brewing, rail, fire, police, aerospace, glass, and pharmaceuticals sectors.

Online or on the Telephone

Many clients don't need an occupational health adviser on site all the time but may need advice at short notice. You can speak directly to your adviser on the 'phone, or if you need written advice you can use e-mail.

We are happy to make arrangements for you to receive advice and medical reports electronically, using the appropriate data protection methods. We also provide an affordable subscription service so that your managers can have access to occupational health advice when they need it, from a named occupational health adviser or company doctor.