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Specialist Occupational Health Advice

Taking good care of your workforce depends on you having access to people with the right specialist knowledge, who are able to deliver occupational health services where you need them, which is usually in the workplace.

Occupational Health Solutions is a consultancy providing expert support for in-house and outsourced OH providers, as well as indutry bodies and regulators.

What is Occupational Health?

Occupational health practitioners focus on the relationship between health and work. For some people a health issue will affect their ability to work or the type of work they can do. In other cases the work itself may have the potential to affect people's health.

For an occupational health specialist the "patient" may be a single employee, a group or even the entire workforce, depending on the specific issue.

Occupational health aims to ensure that people can be as effective as possible in their work and that their health is protected. The key benefits of occupational health are:

  • Targeted, risk based, compliance with health and safety law.
  • Loss control - reducing the personal and business costs of sickness absence, lost production and personal injury or illness.
  • Ensuring that people are fit to do the job that they are employed for, identifying and protecting people with disabilities under the Equality Act.
  • Detecting adverse health effects and preventing work-related disease.
  • Dealing with workplace "issues" for example sick building syndrome, stress, chemical exposure or clusters of reported illness.
  • Receiving advice on the management of sickness absence.
  • Identifying individuals or departments with poor sickness absence history.
  • Expert interpretation of health and safety information and incorporating legal developments into Company health and safety policy.

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